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Can’t get into portal

I can’t get into my portal on either Google chrome or safari. I saw something about the certificate being revoked and something about it not being a secure connection. I was able To get in on thurs night but since then haven’t been able To get in but have been able to receive notification emails from my drs office. I never had any problem on safari before or Google chrome. Please help

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Can’t get into portal
My dr said that some ppl are having a problem and some aren’t. I think it has to do with the certificate being revoked. I sent my provider screen shots through email and I think they’re working on it…just not sure when it’s gonna be fixed. Maybe call your drs office to order the medication

I am having the same problem!

I can't log in to the portal.  I get a message that says the connection is not private and I can't get to the portal. See attached message. I need to order medication and cannot reach my provider.

Please advise.

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